How to Clean Your Home Efficiently and Effectively

House Cleaning Advice When Your Are in a Time Crunch

by Jim Jones

Have you ever considered how to clean your house?  This article cannot go into every detail but will instead focus on a higher level to discover how to clean your house methodically.

There are many approaches to the task.  One approach is to consider what type of house cleaning you are undertaking.  Is this a spring cleaning or a one-time cleaning?  Are you doing a routine cleaning or is this a move in or move out cleaning.  I suspect that when most people ask how to clean a house they are referring to a routine cleaning in their own home.  This still leaves several different approaches to consider.  Questions to consider might be to ask is the house large, medium, or small in size?  How many floors will need cleaned?  What are the various types of floors that prevail in the house cleaning task?  Don’t forget your house cleaning checklist should include a list of all your cleaning supplies and tools necessary to do the job.  As you can see, there are many variables to consider when determining how to clean a house in the most effective manner.

For this article, I will share my approach to how to clean a house efficiently and effectively without wasting a lot of time and energy.  I will assume that the house cleaning task will be undertaken in a medium size house with two levels needing cleaned.  I will assume that the cleaning type will be a routine cleaning that is completed on a weekly basis.

For starters I like to tackle the most physically demanding job first, when I have the most energy, which is usually the bathroom.  As a bonus, most full bathrooms are on the second floor which aids in the top down approach to house cleaning.  Using a carryall to carry your supplies around, you should first insure that your carryall is fully stocked with everything you need to complete the job.

As you enter the bathroom, place your carryall next to the tub/shower area.  Next, remove all items on the floor to aid in mopping and vacuuming when the time comes.  All throw rugs are laid flat outside the bathroom for vacuuming later.  Begin by first cleaning the tub/shower area.  Then move to the vanity insuring you clean the mirror, if any, above the vanity.  Next the commode is cleaned.  Be sure to dust the closet above the commode, if there is one, before cleaning the commode.  Cleaning the commode last allows for using the same rag for the shower and sink before cleaning the commode.  Once the commode has been done the rag should be tossed into a bucket for laundering.  Next, you can tackle all the dusting and spot wiping that remains in the bathroom.  Now is the perfect time to empty the trash can into the plastic bag that was included your my carryall on the way to the second floor.  After the first bathroom is completed, except for the floor, you can then proceed to clean any other bathrooms on the second floor in the same manner.  Remember to keep the order the same.  Clean the shower/tub first, then the vanity gets cleaned, then the commode, and finally all the dusting and spot wiping last.

After all the bathrooms are completed, you can begin to dust each of the bedrooms.  Start to your left and work your way around the room always working from the top to the bottom paying close attention to all horizontal surfaces.  Most vertical surfaces do not get dusty.  You should use a dusting rag to dust all surfaces that you can comfortably reach with minimal bending and stretching which saves energy.  If you reach and bend when cleaning you will burn extra energy and calories which is good if you are looking to exercise.  All higher and lower surfaces needing dusted are dusted with a feather duster. The idea is to complete the entire room except for the floors in one trip around the room.  Empty the trash on the way out of the room.  Complete each bedroom in the same manner.

As you leave and enter each room dust the portion of the hallway you are in to save time and back tracking.  The hallway will be completed in sections as you complete each room and enter the next room.  By now the entire second floor should be completed if you have followed my routine.  Take your carryall and trash bag with you as you dust your way down the stairs.

When you finish the steps, place your carryall in the bathroom or powder room that you plan on doing next.  This plan on how to clean a house is logical if you think about it.  The entire second floor is completed except for vacuuming and mopping.  You have options at this point.  You can begin to work on the first floor or complete the second floor.  I like to finish up the second floor first.

To complete the second floor retrieve your mop, bucket(s), and vacuum.   Carry them up to the second floor and start vacuuming in the room that is the most distant from the steps.  Begin to vacuum your way out of each room toward the door.  If you have to mop where you just vacuumed, do it now so you do not carry dirt across a newly vacuumed carpet.  Don’t forget to put the trash can and throw rugs back in the rooms as you leave them.  Vacuum all rooms that are near each other and include the hallway as you leave each room.  Always work your way toward the steps as you vacuum and mop each room.  Now vacuum the steps down to the first floor and if possible carry your mop and buckets down at this time.  If not possible you will need to make one more trip up to the second floor to retrieve the mop and bucket.

Now that the second floor is completed go the room where you left your carryall after you brought it down from the second floor.  If the room is a bathroom or powder room clean it as before.  After all the bathrooms are completed on the first floor, you have the option of doing the kitchen or doing all the other rooms.  I generally do all the dusting in the other rooms, including the hallway, first.  Again the procedure is to start dusting as you enter a room, working from top to bottom while working your way around the room with the goal of completing the room in one trip and have everything cleaned except the floors.

At this time, if you have followed the cleaning pattern, the kitchen is the last area needing attention.  Nothing is mystical here.  Just pick a corner of the kitchen and as before starting at the top and work down to the floor moving around the room as before.  The goal once again is to complete the room in one trip around except for the floors.

The two steps left to accomplish are to vacuum and mop the entire first floor.   You can pick a corner of your home and vacuum out of each room then mop the room if needed.  I keep moving from room to room and include the hallway, if any, as you go.

The question of how to clean a house is best answered by following a common routine each time.  Generally, it is best work from the highest level down to the lowest level.  Try to circle around each room one time except for bathrooms which require two trips, with the goal of having each room completed except for vacuuming and mopping.   As a last step in each room, vacuum and mop the floors in each room that that has been previously cleaned.   For other cleaning tips visit our web site.

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