12 Home Cleaning Tools We’re Passionate About

Cleaning tools on a clean wood floor

Our cleaning service uses tools to help us do the best job we can possibly muster.  Outlined below is our list checklist of 12 house cleaning tools that you will find helpful as you keep your home in tip-top shape. This is not an all-encompassing list but one which will get you off to a great start.

House Cleaning Tools – General Purpose Tools

1.  First up, you’ll need a supply of decent microfiber cloths.  High-quality microfiber rags are heavier than most and will stick to your fingers a bit when you drag the rag across your fingertips because of the cut on the rag. The rag fibers will actually draw dirt and food particles into the rag and hold them until laundered which is why they are one of the most important items to invest in.

2.  An old toothbrush is great for getting into a tight spot. Common areas to use one are around hinges on toilet lids, shower tracks that have sliding glass doors, behind the sink faucets, around kitchen cabinet door knobs, between the buttons on blenders and many other areas. It is surprising how many places a toothbrush will travel get that no person could otherwise reach.

3.  Spray bottles will save you time in the long run and you should invest in several to allow different chemicals for different bottles. I like to use bottles that allow for infinite adjusting tips by twisting the tip to your desired position instead of bottles that have tips that lock into various positions. The locking tips only allow for two on settings at most and two off settings.

4.  A high-quality long handled ostrich feather duster is an indispensable tool to have. With it, you can knock down cobwebs and dust baseboards saving you from having to stretch and bend. You must know how to use a feather duster properly or you’ll make more dust in the air.

5.  For dry cleaning, use a magic eraser to remove pencil, pen, crayon, and other marks from walls. They’re great on stove tops and often these sponges will remove scuff marks that would require an otherwise labor intensive effort with a cleaning chemical and a rag. Just use them with caution because they’ll remove paint and the finish from your floor if use too aggressively.

6.  A stiff bristled scrub brush is a great tool to have on hand, especially when scrubbing a shower stall that has tile and grout lines. The bristles on the brush dig into the grout helping to dislodge the dirt and soap scum. A long handled brush is easier and faster to use than a short handled brush.

7.  A high-quality squeegee is a great tool for removing the water on your shower walls after taking a shower thus preventing mold. The cheap plastic squeegees work for showers but why not go for a high-quality squeegee with a rubber blade which can be used to dry windows after scrubbing them with a glass cleaner. These squeegees are what the pros use when cleaning windows.

8.  A good toilet bowl brush is an item that most people never consider carefully when they’re investing the money for one.

Inspect your brush to be certain that it doesn’t hold the bristles with a metal wire which will not only rust but more importantly can scratch your porcelain bowl when scrubbing with it if you’re not careful. It’s best to look for a brush with a plastic center that has the bristles embedded into it.

An ergonomically shaped brush aids in getting under the rim which is a place that often gets missed.

9.  A supply caddy is next on our list. With it, you can carry much of what you need as you travel through your home saving you many steps and time.

House Cleaning Tools – Floor Tools

10.  A dust mop is used on hardwood floors in lieu of a vacuum cleaner with a horse hair attachment. Again invest in high-quality for your dust mop. An adjustable handle and a mop head with longer loops and a microfiber center will be most helpful.

A good dust mop won’t need to be sprayed with a chemical in order to do the job effectively.

11.  A flat terry cloth covered mop will cut your mopping time in half. Make sure to purchase an adjustable mop handle to use with your mop cover. Adjusting to the correct length will save your back.

12.  A high-quality vacuum cleaner that is designed for ease of use is important. Vacuums come in many sizes and shapes so think about what features are important to you and research before shopping. Vacuums can be purchased for as low as $50.00 and as high as $1500.00 and remember, you get what you pay for.

That’s my list of 12 tools I’m passionate about.  If you enjoyed this list please feel free to share it with others.  You can share your comments below.  Thanks for reading.

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