Best Pittsburgh Neighborhoods to Raise a Family

Pittsburgh is home to museums, distinct bridges, historic landmarks, sports teams — and maybe even your family. Although the city has more than 90 neighborhoods within it, its defining factors are still its walkability and attractive architecture. Surrounding the metro area, Pittsburgh has little communities that each offer their own advantages and resources. Bordering neighborhoods may have polar opposite ambiances, dining options and educational opportunities.

So, what are the most important factors to consider when looking at Pittsburgh neighborhoods and homes? The real estate values, the ranking of school districts and public schools, the median income of residents and the amenities are all vital parts of selecting a section of Pittsburgh.

Does your family like to bike and hit the trails? Or, are you all history buffs? Your hobbies and preferences are also crucial, and Pittsburgh has a neighborhood for nearly any interest. Check out the following nine neighborhoods, are some of the best places to raise a family according to education, living expenses and environment, safety and attractions.

  1. Mount Lebanon
  2. Dormont
  3. Squirrel Hill
  4. Friendship
  5. Regent Square
  6. Point Breeze
  7. Highland Park
  8. Shadyside
  9. Bloomfield

Best Places to Raise Family in Pittsburgh

Your family considers many factors, like housing, environment, amenities, crime and education, before choosing a place to settle down and raise your family. Pittsburgh has many diverse neighborhoods and highly ranked public schools. Check out these nine areas among the best neighborhoods to raise your family in the Pittsburgh area.

Crime reports are measured by a combination of crime reports and analytics, as well as CDC information. They are calculated by the number of crimes for areas of 100,000 residents in a year’s time. If you compare them with the U.S. averages, you can judge whether the neighborhood’s crime rate shows a safe environment that will suit your family.

1. Mount Lebanon

Due to educational opportunities and an attractive business district, Mount Lebanon is a pleasant area of Pittsburgh. Mount Lebanon is ranked the top neighborhood for families according to many sources, and its resources and surrounding community reflect that. The Three Rivers Heritage Trail and other agreeable Mount Lebanon jogging areas are an enjoyable outing for families. The south of Pittsburgh also features parks like Bird Park, Mount Lebanon Main Park, Clearview Common and Williamsburg Park.

The most recent data shows that the median household income in Mount Lebanon is $86,422. The median value of owner-occupied housing is $235,200. The median gross rent price of Mount Lebanon is $854. Mount Lebanon is a safe suburb that has sustained 24 robberies in a year’s time compared to the national average of 136. Motor vehicle thefts only amount to 28, while the U.S. holds an average of 284.

Mount Lebanon schools are easily accessed by a short walk, and they are impressive educational institutions to enroll your kids in. This school system is ranked second of the educational districts in the area. Howe Elementary, Melon, Mount Lebanon High and Lincoln are some of the best performing schools in Mount Lebanon. Washington Road, Beverly Road and Uptown are the business districts of Mount Lebanon, which are excellent areas for fine dining and family-friendly establishments.

2. Dormont

Dormont is near the metro area of Pittsburgh, so if your family loves having access to the urban amenities, this is an excellent space to settle down. Shopping is a short distance away, and nearby parks and schools to enhance your family’s future. The nearest parks are Dormont Park, Beggs Snyder Park, Williamsburg Park and Sunset Hills Park. The historic pool area is a loved destination for many families in Pittsburgh, and Dormont Pool has waterslides and refreshments, too.

The most recent data shows that the median household income in Dormont is $58,875. The median value of owner-occupied housing is $121,000. The median gross rent price of Dormont is $802. The most recent data shows that crime is low in Dormont, and there were only a calculated 59 assaults compared with the U.S. amount of 283. Property crimes are higher than violent crimes in this area, so secure your living space.

Dormont public schools are the Keystone Oaks district, which is rated more highly for Pennsylvanian schools. Other highly rated public schools serving Dormont residents are Fred L. Aiken Elementary School, Myrtle Avenue School and Dormont Elementary School. From the neighborhood’s annual celebration of Dormont Day to the diners and even the historic Hollywood Theater, Dormont is a charming community.

3. Squirrel Hill North and South

Squirrel Hill’s public school system reflects enriched education, and the academic performance scores are impressive and nationally recognized. Diversity and religious options define Squirrel Hill. The most recent data shows that the median household income in Squirrel Hill is $120,504 for the north neighborhood and $67,526 for the south. The median home value for Squirrel Hill North is $427,551, and for the south, it is $339,839. The median gross rent price of Squirrel Hill South is $1,084.

The most recent data per 100,000 residents shows that Squirrel Hill has had 20 assaults compared to the national average of 283. The annual burglary amount in this area for the same number of residents was 258 compared to 500 burglaries nationally.

Education and healthcare are the leading industries in the Squirrel Hill South and North neighborhoods. The Oakland community is close by, and the museums it features are additional educational improvements for your children to take advantage of. Allow your children easy access to the universities in Oakland, too. Schenley Park and Painted Fence are fun attractions to take your family to see.

4. Friendship

The emerging neighborhood of Friendship is an appealing area where you can stroll through the streets with your family. The expansive Victorian homes that line Friendship enhance the district. Near Friendship, East Liberty offers dining experiences and a chic feel that remains a delightful destination for your family outings. The past times that Friendship has to offer your family include Friendship Playpark, which was constructed by residents and Baum Grove, a public green space. Baum Grove also attracts many attendees of the Friendship Flower and Folk Festival each year.

The median household income is $47,997. The median home value is $212,798 while the renting price is normally about $889. The crime rate only shows 180 burglaries versus the U.S. average of 500, although the theft number, 2,003, is quite close to the national average of 2,043. The assault level showed 77, which remains lower than the national amount but higher than many Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

The schools for the neighborhood are Allderdice High, Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy and Colfax School. This inclusive neighborhood even has a magnet school, Montessori PreK-5, which also accepts Shadyside students.

5. Regent Square

Regent Square is separated from the city just enough, and the Fern Hollow Creek is a welcome buffer to set the neighborhood apart. Frick Park and other trails and parks will keep your family active, while the Edgewood Towne Center is just close enough to stop over for some shopping. The Forbes and Braddock Playground is beside the Environmental Charter School for a little after-school fun.

If you’re looking into the real estate market in Regent Square, the most recent data shows that the median value of owner-occupied housing is $200,737. The median household income in Regent Square is $66,612. For families who prefer to rent, the median gross rent price is $1,035. The crime rate for Regent Square is one of the best in Pittsburgh. Based on a calculation of 100,000 residents, there were no assaults as opposed to the national average which is 283, and the 208 burglaries are significantly less than the national number of 500.

The public school districts in Regent Square are broken up between Edgewood, Swissvale, Pittsburgh City and Wilkinsburg, many educational options are available depending on where you end up in the neighborhood. If you fall within the Pittsburgh City area of Regent Square, respected schools like Sterrett, Minadeo and Allderdice will be among your choices.

6. Point Breeze

Point Breeze has an urban environment, although it suits family life. Anyone looking to settle into a liberal area with plenty of restaurants and friendly establishments should consider this neighborhood. It’s a favorite area for walking and visiting parks, such as Mellon Park, Frick Park and Westinghouse Park.

The median household income for Point Breeze is $109,344, the median home value in Point Breeze is $311,035 and the median rent is $1,057. Point Breeze is a fairly safe area where your family can feel at home. It has sustained 353 burglaries compared to the national amount of 500. With 121 robberies in the annual calculation, make sure your home has adequate security. Motor vehicle thefts number 139 compared to the overall U.S. number of 284.

Several private schools are located near here, and the public school district places these residents in Minadeo or Colfax schools to begin. The Ellis School and other private education options are nearby. A magnet school, Linden, features Mandarin and German programs for their K-5 students. Another educational opportunity right inside Point Breeze is The Frick Pittsburgh, the museum that sends you back to the Gilded Age with old-timey cars, carriages, gardens and all.

7. Highland Park

Highland Park is a popular neighborhood for families, and as a historic district, the architecture and a quiet atmosphere are a huge plus. Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium is in this neighborhood, so you have an entertaining place to take your kids. The area features biking trails and is near the Allegheny River. Your family can enjoy these exercise and activity options. The community pool and playground will help your children get their energy out in a safe and thrilling environment.

This diverse neighborhood has a median household income of $58,961. The median value of homes in Highland Park is $240,422, and the median rental amount is $871. Crime rates are low, and only 40 violent crimes have occurred here in a year span.

Bistros and Thai food are some of the dining options that Highland Park has, so your family has a wholesome and lively environment. The schools in the area will prepare your little ones for success. Fulton PreK-5, Creative and Performing Arts of Pittsburgh, Dilworth Traditional Academy and Pittsburgh Montessori School are some of the academic choices you have to send your children to.

8. Shadyside

Perfect for young working parents, Shadyside is an eastern neighborhood with a quaint ambiance and several boutiques and galleries. An extremely walkable area, Shadyside is upscale and a fun place to raise children. Shopping is readily available, with an Apple store in the center of the neighborhood. Walnut, Ellsworth and Highland are the surrounding business districts that make so many restaurants, entertainment and shopping options an attraction for Shadyside.

The median home value for Shadyside is $295,222, and if you are looking to rent a place instead, the median renting price is $1,078. The typical household income for this neighborhood is $48,930. Crime in this area is the main reason Shadyside is lower on the list because burglaries and robberies happen often. Extremely close to the national average of 500, Shadyside had 461 burglaries in a year’s span based on annual crime reports.

The public schools for Shadyside are ranked well, and Allderdice and Dilworth Traditional Academy. For any families intent on STEM education, Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy is nearby. Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is an enriching resource for your family, too.

9. Bloomfield

Bloomfield has deep Italian ancestry, and the row houses that line the streets make it a lovable neighborhood. Although George Washington named this neighborhood after its fields of flowers, its main source of outdoorsy space is around Bloomfield Bridge. If your family wants to try something new, you can take a swing at bocce ball on Bloomfield’s public courts. Visit Little Italy Days to see authentic cuisine, entertainment, music and more bocce tournaments come to life.

The most recent data shows that the median household income in Bloomfield is $44,769. The median home value is $147,530. The median gross rent price of Bloomfield is $847. Bloomfield’s crime rates are average, with 138 assaults counted in a year. The theft level is the highest of categories, and 2,515 thefts exceed the national average of 2,043 thefts.

The educational centers in Bloomfield are Woolslair Elementary, Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts and Montessori. For private schools, St. Maria Goretti Elementary School is a Catholic institution. Plus, the nearby West Penn Hospital, UPMC Shadyside Hospital and UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh allow your family to reach health care quickly.

Your New Home and Neighborhood

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