3 Unseen Dangers To Hiring A Bad Home Cleaning Service

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When most people think of investing in safety, they consider getting a safe car or finding a safe neighborhood to live in but using the wrong cleaning service doesn’t make the list. Yet families often entrust the care of their most expensive asset to the lowest bidder and unprofessional outfit.

As a young child living in Pittsburgh, I learned quickly to ask questions when I was confused or puzzled about something. In school, I was often the first to raise my hand to ask the teacher a question. People fear when having to ask a question because even though they’re not, they feel stupid.

But asking the right question is a sign of strength because it shows you want to learn, which is a good thing. Likewise, asking the right questions will go a long way toward hiring the best cleaning service in your area.

Here’s question to consider: Are there really three dangers to me if I hire the wrong cleaning service? The answer is yes, you bet there is! A professional cleaning company will minimize these three dangers to you in three tangible ways.

The Right Service will be Trustworthy

First, remember you are opening your home to people you hardly know. Theft can and unfortunately, does occur in the house cleaning business.

According to John Case, who is recognized as one of the country’s leading authorities on employee theft, you should never leave money or jewelry out in plain sight. For 30 years, he has looked at every factor that contributes to theft.

His number one rule concerning theft prevention is to remove the opportunity to steal. He advises that most people will not open drawers looking for something to steal but if something is visible many will help themselves to it.

The fact remains, leave money or valuable jewelry out in plain sight and you can expect it to be taken! Did your cleaning company advise you of this fact?

A professional company will also perform a background check on any potential employee before they’re hired. Any prior criminal activity on the part of the applicant should be grounds for rejection.

A professional home cleaning company will take the time to learn the facts concerning employee theft, find out as much as they can about new prospects for employment and do everything possible to minimize theft from happening. An unprofessional home cleaning service won’t even consider these issues.

The Right Service will Value Insurance

Second, it’s important for you to be protected in several ways with different insurance coverage that should be provided by the cleaning service.

I was amazed a while back when touring a home and giving what I felt was a fair home cleaning estimate for the work when I met with resistance on the price. The prospect told me that she could get the job done for much less.

I proceeded to ask if the other candidate for the job had insurance. Her reply was that she didn’t know or even care. Here I was, standing in a half million dollar home with expensive paintings hanging on the walls, beautiful marble floors, stunning granite counter tops, and very expensive appliances.

Although she didn’t realize it, her possessions were at risk if a careless home cleaner used the wrong chemical or broke an object. Not only that, but the homeowner would be at risk for a lawsuit if the uninsured home cleaner tripped down the steps and was injured.

A professional home cleaning company covers all bases by having proper insurances in place. At a bare minimum, the service will carry liability insurance to cover damages to your valuables, workman’s compensation which covers injured workers, and bonding insurance to help cover theft.

The workman’s compensation and liability insurance are expensive so you can expect the cleaning company more for the job than someone who doesn’t provide insurance. The added cost to you protects you and your home from any liability should something go wrong which in turn, translates into peace of mind. Many people don’t know that in the state of Pennsylvania you are required to carry workmen’s compensation insurance if you have employees.

The Right Service will be Financially Responsible

Third, a professional residential cleaning company will pay all their taxes. Are your cleaner(s) insisting that cash is the only form of payment they will accept? In this situation, they might not be paying the taxes on the money earned.

According to the IRS, if your cleaning service is not paying the taxes as required and you knew about it and didn’t report it, you can be held liable too! The IRS says that you knew they were operating illegally and contributed to the situation because they only accepted cash as payment. All companies will take cash, but most prefer another form of payment because it is safer.

Is the home cleaning company you are considering to hire interested in who they send to your home as evidenced by their doing a background check and having bonding insurance on each home cleaning technician? Do they care enough about you, your family and your home to pay for all the appropriate insurance to protect you? Is it worth your peace of mind to spend a little more money and hire a home cleaning service that is operating legally by paying its taxes?

These are important questions to ask yourself the next time you are looking for a new cleaning service. Mom taught me that you only get what you pay for. That’s certainly true when selecting a home cleaning service.

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