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It is not often that I find a product that I like as much as Miele home vacuum cleaner. The Miele canister vacuum cleaners are the best choice for several important reasons.

Our professional home cleaning company has used Miele vacuums in our client’s homes who are fighting cancer because they are quiet which helps those suffering by keeping the atmosphere calmer when the vacuum cleaner is in operation.

Another reason is it’s hard to beat a canister vacuum when you’re in a tight spot. The head of a canister will go places no upright vacuum would ever dare to go.

Canister vacuums have come a long way since they were first introduced. Uprights used to be the vacuum of choice if you wanted a decent vacuum job, but that has changed with today’s technology. The Miele canister provides powerful suction, but just as important, the beater head has a high RPM to stir up the dirt from the carpet.

Second, Miele’s home vacuums are quiet. I have not found a quieter vacuum cleaner on the market today. Many of our customers have remarked at how quiet the machine is.

I have been on the phone while vacuuming my home and had no trouble hearing the party on the other end of the line. It is easy to take for granted the low noise volume until you try another machine. Miele’s home vacuum cleaners are second to none when it comes to low noise level.

Third, a Miele is designed to keep the dirt in the bag once you capture it. I suffer from asthma so it’s important for me to eliminate as much dust as possible. The Miele home vacuum has no less than 3 filters to stop the dust from coming back out into the air.

A quick test to determine if your vacuum cleaner is letting out dust is to take a breath of air as you are using the machine. Most vacuums will leave a smell as you are using them, which is a tell-tale sign that the machine is releasing dirt into the air. The only time a Miele will leave a smell is if the bag is full.

The Miele machine is so powerful that it will still pick up dirt when the bag is full but you’ll notice the air will smell a bit. Certainly, this is not the machines fault if the bag needs to be changed.

Fourth, a vacuum picks up dirt from a carpet by stirring it up with the beater head which literally beats the carpet with a rotating bar. Then the loosened dirt is sucked up the hose. If the beater head turns slowly or the suction is not great enough then your carpet will not come clean.

I have mistakenly picked up quarters using the normal setting of air flow which is an indication of how powerful the suction is on a Miele vacuum. According to the technician, I spoke with at the Miele headquarters in New Jersey, on the high setting the machine will move 135 cubic feet of air per minute (135 cfm)! Rarely do I need to go over the same spot twice when vacuuming.

Fifth, the Miele home vacuum is designed with the user in mind. It’s light years ahead of any machine I’ve seen.

The machine carries all its attachments on board so there’s no need to run around looking for the different parts. The cord is a retractable cord that is rewound with the touch of your foot.

Switching the vacuum heads is easy. You don’t even need to turn the machine off to change the heads. Again a touch of your foot releases the beater head to allow the parquet floor attachment to be used on an uncarpeted floor.

The higher end Miele models allow you to turn the machine on and off by using your foot. The air suction is changed with a button on the handle. There is a standby mode which saves unnecessary wear on the vacuum.

There are many other numerous features like the park mode which allows you to carry the entire machine with one hand, the four wheels which prevent tipping, the rubber bumper to prevent damage to your furniture, the park mode on the beater head which prevents carpet damage, and the adjustable wand which allows you to change the length to fit your height.

The vacuum bags can be changed in 15 seconds flat. I am told that the belt does break but using our vacuums 5 days a week I’ve never had one break.

These features save time, effort, and back ache which is so important to home cleaning professionals. It is easy to take for granted some of these features until you try another brand that was not designed with as much thought as these machines.

I shouldn’t forget to say that Miele guarantees the main motor for seven years which is unheard of for a home vacuum cleaner. The machine is constructed of ABS plastic and is solid.

I have researched the home vacuum cleaner market consistently for three years and the Miele canister vacuums always rate high and usually are at the very top of the chart. Other home cleaning vacuum machines sometimes score well, but not in all cases as the Miele does. The Miele is the only machine that my research showed always came out at the top or near the top. It truly is a pleasure to use these machines.

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