Easy Way to Protect Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveway

How to Protect Asphalt Driveways

Have you ever watched your expensive asphalt driveway deteriorate from year to year and wondered if there was anything you could do about it?  There is something you can do about it and here at Mr Maid Residential And Commercial Cleaning we have the answers for you.  We’ll give you a link which will explain what you’ll need to do but first it’s important to understand the nature of the beast in order to be able to correct the problem.

I can guarantee two things at this point, first that my taxes will go up each year and there’s not much I can do about that. And the second guarantee is because the freezing winters in Pittsburgh are especially harsh on asphalt, I can say for sure that any cracks in an asphalt driveway will be larger after the winter because water will seep into the cracks and freeze.  As the water freezes, it will force the crack open a bit more allowing more water to seep in which will then freeze making the crack larger still.

And just as the night will turn into the day and the day back into the night again, this process of freezing water opening the crack to allow more water in only to have it freeze too will continue throughout the winter many times.  The end results are  cracks that need to be repaired before you can seal your driveway.

If the winter and the cracks don’t getcha, then the summer will do its dirty work by continuingly baking your driveway all the while drying out the asphalt.  Asphalt has an oil base and it’s imperative that the oil remains in the asphalt or it will begin to chip and flake off piece by piece until all that’s left of your driveway is a crumbled mess.

The never ending cycle of the wintery freezing ice and summer sun baking the oil right out of your asphalt will continue until your driveway is completely ruined.  That is unless you take action to prevent all this from happening.  Why not take 10 minutes and view one of our Mr Maid Teaches videos of yours truly to see how you can prevent asphalt driveway destruction from happening to you?

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