Commercial & Business Cleaning

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. When people walk into your office they take note of everything around them. You want them to see spotless desks, crumb-free floors, and sparkling windows. Having a neat and tidy office shows visitors and potential clients you have things in order. You appear more trustworthy when you have a clean office. It shows you care about your professional appearance, and it creates that much-needed good first impression.

But, you may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t have time to wash the windows or spray down the office kitchen countertops.” That’s where Mr. Maid comes in. We’re your complete commercial cleaning solution. We can provide solutions for all of your cleaning needs.

We care about making your business look its best. Our reputation rests on your satisfaction, which is why we offer a 40-point commercial cleaning service checklist to make sure we hit every surface every time we clean.

Reliable Service From Office Specialists

Anyone can mop a floor, but not everyone has been trained in the most efficient and effective cleaning techniques, as our high-quality cleaning technicians have. They know the secret to cleaning up the most common office messes, which can also lead to a healthier work environment for your employees. Our special services include:

  • Cleaning bathroom sinks
  • Scrubbing the inside of your office microwave, putting an end to foul odors at lunchtime
  • Disinfecting telephones, which are notorious for harboring germs
  • Wiping down light switches, another communal germ hazard

These are the small details you don’t have time to worry about. You’re too busy running your successful business. When you hire Mr. Maid to clean your offices, you can cross one more worry off your list of things to keep an eye on. We impose high standards on our employees, just like you do. We take care of your office as if it was our own — and we have a very clean office. Our reputation depends on it.

Customized Services

We offer plans tailored to individual businesses. We come to your workplace and take detailed measurements to offer our cleaning estimate. We assess any special needs you might have and work that into our estimate.  When we come we solve your cleaning problems that other services don’t think about.

We always provide:

  • The highest-quality, safest cleaning materials
  • A 4-Point Quality Assurance Plan
  • Recommendations for how often your floor should be dusted, mopped or vacuumed
  • Regular on-site inspections to make certain our crew is doing what we promised

We also offer special attention to detail for different types of offices.


What’s Included in Our Packages

Once we’ve made a thorough inspection of your office and discussed your needs, we’ll offer our carefully calculated cleaning rates.

We use only the best commercial cleaning supplies. We keep up to date on the most efficient cleaning techniques, but we never cut corners. At Mr. Maid, we don’t rush to get our cleaning done. We do a thorough job and deliver on our promises to you. That has helped our business thrive since our founding in 2004.

When we begin cleaning your office space, we’ll monitor our team to ensure you’re getting the best possible experience. We perform ongoing site inspections for our clients, where we can confirm our teams comply with the cleaning plan laid out for you.

It’s all part of our commitment to quality explained in our 4-Point Quality Assurance Plan, which we designed to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. We’ve seen time and again how a good cleaning company can help you avoid a lot of headaches. We want to make sure you remain happy with our agreement.

Cleaning Services for Accounting Professionals

Accounting professionals often have clients streaming through their offices, especially during the tax season. You want to create an impression of orderliness because people trust you with important financial information. Mr. Maid can help you by keeping the carpets and floors in your office stain-free, washing windows and wiping down all the glass surfaces in your office. We also disinfect telephones — a vital tool for accountants communicating with other departments throughout the day.

Cleaning Services for Law Offices

Lawyers often meet with clients at their offices. Even the smallest law firm needs to make a good impression with a clean waiting room, tidy offices and neat kitchens where clients can grab a coffee. Don’t overlook the bathroom, either. Overstuffed trash bins or stained toilets can undo the great impression you’ve made with your sharp legal mind. Hire Mr. Maid to keep your office clean, attractive and professional looking at all times.

A Free Quote

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Enlist Mr. Maid for all your commercial cleaning needs for your professional place of business. For your peace of mind, our company is fully insured and our employees are bonded immediately after we perform a background check on them and before they are hired by us. Why not let us do the dirty work while you focus on what you’re in business for?  Get started with Mr. Maid today and discover how we can make your office a cleaner place for you and your clients.