Our Team

Mr. Maid Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning and House Cleaning Service would not be successful without the dedication of our office and house cleaning technicians. We respect and value each individual person that works for our cleaning company. Too many companies look at employees as assets or resources instead of human beings with dreams, goals, needs, hurts, and daily problems. Many times employees lack motivation, especially in the house and commercial cleaning industry, because they are treated as a resource in some larger company vision. We will not let that happen in our endeavor to succeed. We work alongside our employees and never ask them to do something that we ourselves have not done or will not do. No commercial or home cleaning company can truly succeed without quality cleaning staff. Each office and house cleaning technician understand the importance of producing consistent results for you, our clients. We believe we can only succeed by helping others to succeed. We are honored to know and work with each person that has ever been employed by our Pittsburgh house cleaning and commercial cleaning company. We want to publicly thank each of them for their daily efforts.

Meet the Owners

Jim Jones

The a-ha moment came when I connected the dust on my desk to a cleaning business when on the internet that day. I knew that dust and dirt were going to be around for quite a long time and even when removed would somehow find its way back again. I have never looked back from that moment. Each day is a journey of excitement and passion.

mr maid aka Jim
Head shot of woman wearing a pink sweater

Steffanie Jones

Steffanie manages all of the administrative duties required to keep the company running efficiently, including payroll, scheduling, invoicing, tracking tax information, preparing bank deposits, ordering supplies, accepting incoming calls to create initial quotes for prospects and fielding questions the cleaning technicians have.

Meet the Staff


Pam is married to her husband Bob for 25 years. She has lived in Southside for 35 some years. She has been blessed with two children whose names are Angel and Randy. Pam has a grandson named Kyle that was born in 2007. She loves to spend time with Kyle in their backyard pool.

Pam is an honest, dedicated and hardworking person that likes to make people laugh. She is always willing to pitch in to help wherever she is needed. Pam has said on more than one occasion that she loves home cleaning.

cleaning staff - pam


Angel lives in Southside and has been blessed with her son named Kyle. She is Pam’s daughter and enjoys working with her mom. Angel likes to dance for relaxation after a week of hard work.

Angel is an honest, flexible and a hard working person that is fun to work with. She likes to tease people to make them laugh. She is always willing to learn and does whatever it will take to get her client’s home cleaning job done right. Angel especially enjoys working for and cleaning homes for older clients and clients that have small children.

cleaning staff - angel


Jan lives in West Mifflin. She likes to tease others to get a laugh. She is fun to be with when working together. She has two children, Chris who is in the army and Autumn who loves to sing. Jan’s hobbies include cooking Italian food and oil painting. Jan has a small Shitzu named Rocky.

If I was to describe Jan’s work I would immediately think of the word energy. She is detailed, thorough and prefers to work alone but will work with a team when needed. When asked what she likes about cleaning she said she enjoys getting to know her clients.

cleaning staff - jan


Jamie lives North of Pittsburgh.  She is a fitness enthusiast.  She enjoys dining out and her favorite food is Mexican especially Tacos. She also likes arts and crafts and likes to crocheting.

Jamie learned our cleaning routines easily. She describes herself as a dedicated and is a detailed cleaner. She is conscientious and cares about the needs of her clients. She enjoys the exercise that cleaning provides and likes to see the end result.

cleaning staff - jamie


Heather lives in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. She enjoys dining out and loves Chinese food. To relax she likes to take her Labrador Retriever dog named Gracie May for walks. Heather has 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. She has 2 grandchildren.

Heather learned our cleaning routines quickly. She describes herself as a hard-working individual. She is conscientious and very concerned about the needs of her clients. She enjoys the exercise that cleaning provides and likes to see the final results.

cleaning staff - heather


Lauren lives in West Mifflin. She enjoys watching football, playing cards and video games. Her favorite food is tacos but she shared with us that she pretty much likes everything that has pumpkin spice in it. She is fun to work with and seems to attract funny events into her life. She said most every day something quirky happens to her and she just laughs problems off.

Lauren testified that she is a moderately paced worker but she is definitely concerned about the details when it comes to cleaning. She asked quite a few questions when she was in training which tells us that she is serious when it comes to cleaning and caring for client homes.

cleaning staff - lauren


Carla lives in Observatory Hill with her two daughters and her son. For relaxation, Carla likes to jog.

Carla learned our home cleaning routines easily and quickly assumed responsibility as a solo house cleaner. Carla is full of energy, has a great eye for detail work, is honest and loves to work hard. Her smile and giggle instantly let everyone that she comes in contact with know she is light hearted and enjoys being around people. I have watched her perform her home cleaning tasks and discovered she is a natural.

cleaning staff - carla