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There’s nothing like coming home to a clean and organized home, but if you’re like many people, you have a hard time finding the time to get your Bridgeville residence just the way you want it. Is it possible to find affordable, high-quality home cleaning services in the Pittsburgh area? Yes! Mr. Maid provides Bridgeville residents with complete maid services, whether you need a one-time cleaning or you’d like to hire regularly scheduled maid service. Our professional house cleaners can keep your home in tip-top shape – and for less than many other services charge. Since 2004, Mr. Maid has provided Pittsburgh-area residents with thorough home and commercial cleaning services. We’re not the fastest service in Bridgeville, but that’s because our professional cleaners take the time to service your home or office with dedicated care. Our detailed service plan assures we’ll complete your job to your satisfaction – and that’s a promise we guarantee.

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Details Matter at Mr. Maid

When you choose Mr. Maid for your house cleaning service, we will stay focused on one goal: cleaning your home to your complete satisfaction. Our professional cleaners sanitize the areas that other services often ignore – services you’ll see on our 37-point cleaning plan. You already know that well-kept homes have clean floors and bathrooms, but at Mr. Maid, we know little details such as wiping down doorjambs and cleaning doorknobs makes all the difference. With Mr. Maid, you won’t have to ask for these extras, because they’re a part of your plan. When you hire Mr. Maid, you’ll get:

  • Completely disinfected bathrooms, including polished and disinfected fixtures, faucets, handles, counters, floors and more
  • Cleaner doorknobs, windowsills, baseboard trim and entryway trim that often accumulates grimy fingerprints
  • Cobweb and dust-free lamps, blinds, wall fixtures, and shades
  • A spotlessly sanitized and clean kitchen, including the exteriors of cabinets and small appliances
  • Thoroughly vacuumed hardwood floors, tile, and rugs, including mopping where necessary

Mr. Maid will come to your home on the scheduled day with the best commercial cleaning supplies available. As a fully registered, licensed and insured cleaning service, our visit will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We’ll treat your home like it was our own – that’s our promise to you.

One-Time and Commercial Cleaning Service

When it’s time for spring or fall cleaning, or if you are planning to move, Mr. Maid is your service for high-quality cleaning. Our professionals can help you do everything from one-time cleanouts of cabinets, closets, basements, appliances and more. We can also help you with commercial cleaning jobs in your home office or professional building. When you hire Mr. Maid, you’ll get the sanitized and organized space you deserve. Whether you own a spacious Bridgeville home or you live in a cozy apartment, Mr. Maid is ready to make your home into the place where you love to relax and entertain. If you have questions about our service, don’t hesitate to ask. We may even be able to add on additional services to your regularly scheduled cleaning.

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Are you ready to start enjoying life instead of always cleaning up after it? If so, invite Mr. Maid for a complimentary, no-obligation tour of your home. We’ll provide you with our best recommendations and customized pricing for the services you need.

Why not call us right now and get an immediate quote? Or if you’re too busy during normal working hours we understand which is why we give you another option using our online quote form. Once you submit your cleaning requirements to us we’ll take it from there and prepare your custom quote before contacting you so you don’t have to wait while we gather information from you. Either way, a phone call or a form submission, we’re here for you and ready to tackle your dirty work. Contact Mr. Maid for your complimentary, no obligation cleaning quote today.

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