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Are you looking for a thorough but affordable home cleaning service with roots in the Castle Shannon, PA, area? Welcome to Mr. Maid, your go-to source for experienced, licensed maids. Like most Mr. Maid clients, you appreciate a clean and well-organized home, but you don’t have the time you need to maintain your residence. When finding a trustworthy cleaning service staffed by experienced professionals matters, Mr. Maid is here to help you. When you choose Mr. Maid for your home cleaning service, you’ll love how our professional cleaners take the extra time to get the details right. Our cleaning service includes chores you’ll have to pay extra for elsewhere, or that other services ignore completely. At Mr. Maid, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee it.

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Let Mr. Maid Do Your Dirty Work

You already know tidy and clean-looking homes have dust free vacuumed floors, sanitized fixtures and wiped down countertops. Because our top priority goal is to give you the best cleaning possible, we go the extra mile to give your home the services you deserve but rarely get. We highlight these included-in-the-price extras in our 37-point house cleaning checklist. When our cleaners sanitize your residence, you can check for yourself and see that we address these extras each and every time we visit – it’s our guarantee. Mr. Maid’s house cleaners can make your residence cleaner than it’s ever been before. Our services include:

  • Dirt and grime removal from smudge-filled places such as windowsills, doorways, doorknobs, trim and molding
  • Cobweb and dust removal from common buildup spots such as drapes, wall corners, blinds, lampshades, wall fixtures and more
  • Sanitization of faucets, fixtures, sinks, countertops, handles and more
  • Thoroughly dusted and mopped hardwood and tile floors, and vacuumed rugs and carpets
  • Cleaned appliance exteriors, including small appliances such as your coffeemaker, microwave, toaster, blender, and toaster oven

Best of all, Mr. Maid is registered, licensed and insured to give you that prized possession, peace of mind. That means you can enjoy total relaxation and comfort when we come to clean, as well as a complete guaranteed satisfaction with a job well done to our high standards.

Need Help With a Big or One-Time Job?

If you’ve ever moved or tried to do spring or fall cleaning on your own or rushed around at the last minute when getting ready for a busy holiday, then chances are you know exactly how much work and time it takes to get your home in spotless condition. Mr. Maid is delighted to help you accomplish big or one-time jobs such as spring and fall cleaning or moving in or move out cleanings at your residence. We can also help you with smaller jobs in your existing home or office. At Mr. Maid, our cleaners are here to serve your needs. Jobs requiring special pricing include:

  • Dirt removal and sanitization of appliance interiors, including your oven and refrigerator
  • Dirt removal and sanitization of cabinet and closet interiors
  • Dirt removal from areas such as your basement
  • One-time or ongoing cleaning jobs in home office or commercials spaces

Whether your home is a cottage or a castle, Mr. Maid can turn your residence into a place where you’re proud to entertain and happy to relax. We’re not the fastest service, but we are the most thorough – and we take the time to do every job right.

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If you live in the Castle Shannon, PA, area and you want to live life without cleaning up after it, call Mr. Maid for a complimentary consultation. We will tour your home and give you a free, no-obligation quote for ongoing and one-time cleaning that includes our best recommendations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and find out why Mr. Maid is the preferred cleaning service in Castle Shannon.

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