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Isn’t it time you stopped worrying about caring for your home? Cleaning is time-consuming and messy – and you probably have better things to do with your valuable time. When you hire Mr. Maid home cleaning service, you can get the clean and organized home you deserve, affordably and reliably.

Mr. Maid has served the Dormont, PA, region faithfully for more than 12 years. Our maids have consistently provided thorough, regularly scheduled house cleaning services as well as assistance with big, one-time jobs. You’ll love how easy entertaining and relaxing is when you outsource your dirtiest jobs to Mr. Maid. Best of all, because we’re completely committed to your satisfaction, we guarantee our cleaning service will meet your needs. We back our claim up with our no-nonsense Name Your Own Price guarantee.

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Great Service Is Our Goal

Mr. Maid has only one goal every time we clean your home: exceptionally thorough cleaning that leaves you satisfied and relaxed. Our house cleaners don’t leave the details behind – in fact, our 37-point service plan includes many chores you’d have to pay extra for elsewhere. This comprehensive cleaning plan is one reason Mr. Maid is the preferred home cleaning service in the Dormont, PA, region. We know the extra services we provide keep selective customers just like you satisfied.

With Mr. Maid, you’ll enjoy:

  • Spotless sanitized fixtures, faucets, and counters in the busiest areas of your home
  • Disinfected tubs, jet tubs, commodes, sinks and fixture handles
  • Clean large and small appliance exteriors
  • Grime-free windowsills, baseboards, entryway trim, doorknobs and door jams
  • Blinds, drapes, lampshades, light fixtures that are free from dust and cobwebs
  • Dusted and mopped tile, stone and hardwood floors
  • Vacuumed rugs and carpets
  • Dust-free bric-a-brac and more
  • Get Help With Big Jobs

Have you ever tried to clean your home before or after a move? If so, you know it’s a big job. There are other big jobs, too, such as spring and fall cleaning, holiday cleaning and special occasion cleaning such as graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle with moving or seasonal cleaning alone or any type of cleaning because our bonded professionals have the tools, the training, and the experience to get these jobs done right. Plus, when you hire Mr. Maid, you can get help with these big jobs that free you to focus elsewhere. Our pricing on big jobs is affordable, too.

Mr. Maid can also:

  • Clean and sanitize dirty appliances such as your refrigerator and oven
  • Clean and disinfect cabinet and closet interiors
  • Clean basements, attics and other little-used areas of your home
  • Clean your home office or commercial space

Whether you live in an apartment or a large home, Mr. Maid’s team of professional cleaners can make your residence the place you look forward to relaxing in most. Plus, because we’re insured, registered and licensed, you can enjoy peace of mind other cleaning providers can’t match.

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Mr. Maid may not be the fastest cleaning service in the Pittsburgh area, but we are the most thorough, and the most committed to giving you the exceptional job you deserve. Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning – or you need help with a big, one-time job or services for your commercial space – Mr. Maid wants to show you why we’re the preferred cleaning service in the Dormont, PA, area.

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