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Your home is your refuge, your self-expression and your pride. Because it’s the place you raise your family, rest, relax and entertain guests, you want to keep it clean, comfortable, organized and well-maintained. If you’re like most modern families, you don’t have a lot of spare time to clean. When you get home from work after a busy day, you’d rather enjoy some quality time with your family than dedicate every evening to household cleaning chores.

You need all the help you can get – especially when it comes to organizing and disinfecting your home. When you hire a professional house cleaning service like Mr. Maid, you can get thorough, affordable and reliable cleaning services that will make you wonder how you ever managed without us. With a professional passion and personalized approach to providing you with a clean home, our locally owned and operated company is the most trusted cleaning service in North Hills.

Since 2004, Mr. Maid has earned a reputation for providing the most thorough cleaning services in the North Hills region, and we want to be your go-to resource for a cleaner, tidier lifestyle. Are you ready to start enjoying life and leave cleaning behind? If so, Mr. Maid is the cleaning service for you.

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Relax in Your Clean Home

When you want to entertain, you shouldn’t have to worry about scouring the house to make sure it’s not embarrassing, performing deep cleanings for holiday visits or being caught off-guard by a surprise stop-by. Your life is busy enough without stressing over a clean home.

When you hire Mr. Maid for regularly scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly housecleaning, you can leave those worries behind for good. Your North Hills, PA, home or apartment will be sanitized and tidy with Mr. Maid — and you’ll love how relaxed you feel when having friends over because you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning.

Our most important priority is to clean your home to your complete satisfaction. We’re so convinced we can satisfy your needs that we guarantee our work with a 37-point service plan. Because we care about you and your home, we treat it like our own and cover in-depth details other house cleaning services often overlook. Our maids clean thoroughly with every visit and take care of small but important details such as grimy doorways, ceiling cobwebs, and dusty lampshades.

Mr. Maid will leave your home clean, tidy and in the best condition every time. Our services include us:

  • Sanitizing germ-prone areas such as fixtures, doorknobs, appliance handles, sinks, counters and more
  • Cleaning grime and dirt from trim, baseboards, entryway, windowsills, light switches and more
  • Disinfecting commodes, jet tubs and shower stalls
  • Thoroughly dusting bric-a-brac, lampshades, drapes, blinds, and wall fixtures
  • Providing exterior appliance sanitization, including small appliances such as your coffee pot and toaster
  • Thoroughly cleaning, including mopping, of hardwoods, tile and stone floors, and vacuuming rugs and carpets
  • Vacuuming upholstered furniture

Not only are we passionate and personal with our services, but our maids and company are also registered, insured and licensed for your trust and peace of mind.

Why Hire a North Hills, PA, House Cleaning Service?

Whether you live in an apartment, single-family home or large house, maintaining your North Hills home takes a lot of effort. Did you know Americans spend approximately 13 hours cleaning every week? That’s as much as 28 days or 676 hours each year.

When you’re not at work with the goal of providing for your family and maintaining your lifestyle, you’d rather use your spare time to enjoy the company of friends and family, spend an evening out or rest at home than worry about cleaning. As the best house cleaning company in North Hills, PA, Mr. Maid provides you with peace of mind and spare time as well as a high-quality home cleaning. We also offer:

1. Professional Expertise

Cleaning might seem like a project anyone can perform equally well, but every field has its experts, and proper cleaning requires expertise and experience in terms of methods and materials. As the best North Hills house cleaning service since 2004, we have the in-depth knowledge of techniques to guarantee a clean better than any other.

Our expert house cleaning services include special attention to specific details and knowledge of technical tasks, including:

  • The best cleaning chemicals: When it comes to the safety, efficiency and type of cleaning chemicals to provide you with the clean home you desire, we do our research.
  • Order of operations: You know what you need to clean and where, but do you know which place you should sanitize first, the order you should vacuum your hardwood floors and carpets and the direction in which to wipe your walls? Cleaning methods and order make a difference in quality and cleanliness, and a certified house cleaning service like Mr. Maid knows the tricks and techniques to get the job done properly.
  • How to treat specialized areas: Trying to tackle those carpet stains, old upholstery, food spots and specialized cleaning tasks? With our expert background of knowledge and experience, we know how to handle the most difficult cleaning jobs in every area of your home.

Hiring a house cleaning service in North Hills, PA, means more than just paying for cleanliness — it also means investing in expert professionalism.

2. Attention to Health Risks

Is that annual spring cleaning enough to keep your house free of dust, dirt, germs, bacteria and other factors that can affect your health? Unfortunately, no. Germs and bacteria are everywhere, accumulating on every surface and multiplying rapidly.

Keeping your house clean is about more than convenience and appearance — it also affects your health, and regular house cleaning services are crucial to keeping up with the elimination of viruses and germs. In addition to thoroughly cleaning and tidying your house, Mr. Maid focuses on specialized sanitation tasks to keep your environment healthy, including:

  • Fully disinfecting toilets, sinks and the dirtiest areas
  • Eliminating bacteria from your bathroom, kitchen and other breeding areas
  • Applying chemicals to kill germs properly
  • Knowing the right materials to use with cleaning chemicals and the length of time to leave chemicals on surfaces
  • Utilizing the proper safety techniques when working with chemicals
  • Ridding your carpets of dust to make your air cleaner and healthier to inhale

Investing in a house cleaning service like Mr. Maid means investing in your family’s health.

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At Mr. Maid, we’re passionate about providing personalized house cleaning services for your North Hills home. Whether you prefer weekly, biweekly or monthly scheduled cleanings, you can count on us for the highest-quality care and cleaning. Take back your free time today and dedicate more energy to your family — we’ll take care of the cleaning.

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