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Your home is a possession and investment to be proud of. It’s where you express your personality, build a family, return after a busy work day and take time to rest, relax, recuperate and entertain. When you live in a beautiful borough like Sewickley, the quaintness and history of your environment makes owning or renting your own house or apartment even more idyllic — but you might find that you don’t always have the time you’d like to dedicate to keeping your home as clean and organized as possible.

At Mr. Maid, we understand that today’s modern families need all the extra time they can get. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend your spare moments with the ones you love most instead of sanitizing the bathroom and scrubbing mud off your entryway floor? With Mr. Maid, you can enjoy the best house cleaning possible while making time for the things you enjoy — and still be proud of your home.

The professional cleaners at Mr. Maid serve residents of the Sewickley and Pittsburgh, PA, region with the care, compassion, professionalism and personalization you deserve. Are you ready to enjoy living the suburban Pittsburgh lifestyle instead of cleaning up after it? As your certified house cleaning service in Sewickley, PA, Mr. Maid is here to make that possible.

Mr. Maid understands that your home and its belongings are important to you. You can rest easy with the knowledge that we are fully insured. Your peace of mind is ensured knowing that all cleaning maids are vetted and each is bonded before they come to clean your home. You get the protection you expect from a professional cleaning company – protection that you deserve. We treat your home like our own.

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Feel Proud of Your Home With Mr. Maid

The professionals at Mr. Maid have only one goal in mind — to provide you with the best and most thorough cleaning services possible every time we visit your home. No more grimy doorways, dusty blinds, cobwebs or missed spots around your house or apartment — when you choose Mr. Maid, our professionals will complete a 37-point service cleaning during each visit. Plus, we focus on the in-depth details that other Sewickley house cleaning services might overlook. You can expect:

  • Disinfected bathrooms and a sanitized kitchen that’s sparkling clean
  • Pristine fixtures, including doorknobs and trim
  • Dust-free lampshades, light fixtures, blinds, and windowsills
  • Cleaner large appliances and small appliances such as your toaster, blender, and coffeemaker
  • Thorough dusting, vacuuming, and mopping your floors, including hardwood, tile, and stone
  • Regular cleaning of upholstered items such as your couch and chairs

Whether you’d like to hire us for weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning, Mr. Maid will help you look forward to returning to your home after a day at the office — without worrying about the chores ahead.

Mr. Maid Makes Everyday Life Easier to Manage

Whether you tend to your home weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonally, cleaning every corner and keeping your house in order is sometimes too much to handle alone. With special attention to small tasks like wiping down your counters and faucets, disinfecting handles and light switches, cleaning out your appliances and covering every area from your kitchen to carpet, our Sewickley house cleaning services maintain your whole home on a basis that works with your schedule to make your life easier. Ask the Mr. Maid professionals pricing on our:

  • Regularly scheduled house cleaning services
  • Commercial cleaning services in Sewickley, PA

Whether you’re new to the Sewickley region or you’re simply looking to save time on chores, Mr. Maid can clean your home so you’ll be ready to relax. Our focus is always on your complete satisfaction. We’re the most trusted professional house cleaning service in the area, and we care enough to take the time to do the job right — that’s our promise to you.

Why Hire a Sewickley, PA, House Cleaning Service?

When you live in a beautiful Pittsburgh suburb like Sewickley, you want the quality of your house to match the nature of the town, and that means keeping up with cleaning and tidying. In fact, the average American adult spends 13 hours cleaning every week. That adds up to 676 hours, or 28 days each year!

When you’re not at work, wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying town with your family, venturing to Pittsburgh to enjoy shopping and entertainment or relaxing? As a passionate and personalized professional cleaning service in Sewickley, PA, Mr. Maid makes sure you have peace of mind and spare time to spend as you like by providing you with the best house cleaning possible. In addition, we better your lifestyle by providing:

1. Professional Expertise

Anyone can clean, right? Not quite. Just like you’re an expert in your field and can do your job better than an amateur, professional house cleaning service staffs are equipped with the experience and expertise to perform more thorough, effective cleaning jobs than anyone else. With in-depth knowledge of methods, materials, tips and tricks, Mr. Maid provides you with the best house cleaning imaginable.

We take pride in our special knowledge of sanitation methods and specific details, such as:

  • The safest, best and most thorough cleaning products to scour your home: It’s our business to research and keep up with the kind of cleaning chemicals that work best for the areas and materials in your house.
  • Order of operations: You know you need to vacuum every floor surface, sanitize the bathroom and wipe down the walls, but do you know the order in which you should perform your cleaning tasks and where you should begin? Should you start with the hardwood floor or the carpet? Clean the counter first or focus on the appliances? Believe it or not, the way you clean makes a big difference in the quality of sanitation, and professional house cleaning services like Mr. Maid have the knowledge of operations and techniques to get the job done right.
  • How to treat specialized areas: Whether you need to tackle food spots in furniture, tough stains in the carpet, difficult-to-reach corners of your home or deep cleaning that goes beyond a little wipe-down, Mr. Maid has the expertise and tried-and-true techniques for the most thorough cleaning, even in special circumstances.

Hiring a house cleaning service in Sewickley, PA, doesn’t just mean saving time and energy — it means investing in reliable, professional expertise for your home’s best sanitation.

2. Attention to Health Risks

You might think a regular wipe-down and a little dusting is enough to keep your home sanitary, but germs and bacteria breed everywhere and can resist light cleanings. In addition, they multiply quickly and spread shockingly, so only the deepest and most regular cleaning methods can keep up with their elimination to prevent the risk of sickness for your guests and family.

Keeping up with house cleaning isn’t just about convenience and appearance — it’s an essential health need. As the best house cleaning service in Sewickley, PA, Mr. Maid pays attention to in-depth sanitation and specialized tasks like:

  • Thoroughly disinfecting toilets and the dirtiest areas in your kitchen and bathroom with more than just a surface cleaning
  • Eliminating viruses that breed in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Killing germs with the proper application and type of chemicals
  • Knowing how long to leave cleaning chemicals and what to wipe them down with
  • Paying attention to safety and proper care of cleaning chemicals
  • Eliminating dust from your carpets and the corners of your home to boost your air quality and protect your lungs

A professional, personalized, expert house cleaning service like Mr. Maid won’t just provide you with a high-quality clean — it will ensure your family’s health.

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It’s time to start enjoying luxury life in Sewickley and leaving the cleaning to the professionals. For more information on hiring the cleaning services that the Sewickley region trusts most, call Mr. Maid. We’re happy to tour your home and provide you with a complimentary no-obligation consultation and our top recommendations. Contact us for an estimate now, and give us a chance to show you how much easier life can be with Mr. Maid!

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