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If you’re like many Mr. Maid customers, you love it when your home is clean, organized and entertainment-ready. You also don’t have the extra time you need to keep your home as tidy as you want it, and that’s where we can help. Our West View, PA, home cleaning service is thorough, reliable and affordable – and includes many tasks you’d have to pay more for elsewhere. Whether you need a regularly scheduled cleaning or you want help with a tough task that’s too much for one person to do alone, Mr. Maid is here to help you.

Since 2004, Mr. Maid has provided West View residents with the superior cleaning services they deserve. Our maids aren’t the fastest cleaners around, but we take our time because we know a thorough job makes our customers happier. And when you know that our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority you know we are going to give you top-notch service every time.

When you hire Mr. Maid, you’ll get a customized service plan that details everything we’ll clean and disinfect in your home – a plan that guarantees your total satisfaction. Mr. Maid provides a thorough home cleaning you’ll love.

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Quality Is in the Details

You already know to expect vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen from a cleaning service, but at Mr. Maid, we’ll clean your home to your total satisfaction. That’s always our top priority, and why we are comfortable guaranteeing our work. You’ll see why we’re the best cleaning service in West View when you read the comprehensive, 37-point checklist on the service plan we’ll customize just for you. Mr. Maid will clean your home until the surfaces gleam – and protect your family from harmful germs – as you get back to relaxing and enjoying life.

When you hire Mr. Maid, you’ll get:

  • Thoroughly disinfected bathroom and kitchen areas, including polished and sanitized faucets, fixtures, countertops, doors, and appliance handles, floors and more
  • Grime-free doorknobs, woodwork, trim, baseboards, wall switches and more
  • Thorough dusting, including window blinds and sills, light fixtures, bric-a-brac, lampshades and photographs
  • Clean cabinet and appliance exteriors, including small appliances such as your toaster oven and coffeemaker
  • Dirt- and grime-free flooring, including all rugs, carpets, stone and tile flooring, hardwood flooring and linoleum

Mr. Maid’s professional cleaners are bonded and will arrive at your home on the scheduled day. We’ll use the best commercial cleaning supplies, too – and because we’re fully registered, licensed and insured, you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve with every visit. You’ll trust us with your home or office because not only do we work hard when cleaning for you but we work hard to earn your trust as well.

Get Help for Big Cleaning Jobs

There is no reason to tackle a huge cleaning job yourself when you can hire Mr. Maid’s affordable maid service. Mr. Maid can help you with big chores such as seasonal cleaning, one-time, move in, move out, and regularly scheduled commercial and office cleaning, and more. When you hire Mr. Maid, you’ll love how clean and tidy your home or business will be.

Our special pricing services include:

  • Spring and fall cleaning
  • Move-in and move-out cleaning
  • Cleaning the interiors of cabinets, closets, major appliances and more
  • Commercial and home office cleaning

Whether you live in a West View cottage or you’ve moved into a bigger and bolder residence, Mr. Maid will turn your place into a clean space where you can relax.

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