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When you rent or own a beautiful home in the upscale Wexford, PA, area, the place you live is synonymous with a sense of pride. You value your home for its convenient location and proximity to Pittsburgh, its high quality and the class it conveys when you entertain guests and family on holidays and special occasions. In addition, your home is your own personal refuge for rest and relaxation when you’re not busy in the office.

Because it means so much to you, you want your home to be clean and well-kept, but you don’t always have the time it takes to maintain it to your standards. When you’re looking to free up your schedule and receive the best Wexford cleaning service around, Mr. Maid is the perfect solution for your luxury lifestyle. Our professional house cleaners are thorough, experienced, reliable, affordable and bonded — and we can make sure your home remains the place you’re proud to live and entertain in. When finding a trustworthy maid service is your top priority, Mr. Maid is ready to do all your dirty work.

As a certified, professional and personalized cleaning service for your Wexford, PA, home, we take the time to do the job right. Your satisfaction is always our top priority, and we guarantee our work with a comprehensive, 37-point checklist that assures a clean home from top to bottom. Not only do we make sure to cover the cleaning basics, but we also pay attention to in-depth details that other cleaning companies often overlook — just one of the reasons why Mr. Maid is the preferred cleaning service in Wexford, PA.

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We Clean, You Relax

Hiring Mr. Maid makes your life so much simpler. Our professionals make it possible for you to relax instead of cleaning during your available free time. Not only do we perform standard chores with dedicated care, we also include the important extras that give your home a truly clean appearance. Plus, we always send the same professional to take care of the house cleaning unique to your Wexford home so that you receive the personalized attention and comfort level you deserve.

Our only goal is to give you the best cleaning experience possible and to satisfy your needs every time — that’s our iron-clad guarantee. Whether you need weekly, biweekly or monthly scheduled cleaning services, Mr. Maid’s cleaning service can turn your home into a refuge for relaxation. Our services include:

  • Dirt and grime removal from often-forgotten places such as entryway trim, moldings, woodwork, light switches, doorknobs, windowsills and doorways
  • Removing dust and cobwebs from your light fixtures, blinds, ceiling corners, drapes, lampshades, blinds and bric-a-brac
  • Disinfecting your germ-prone kitchen and bathrooms, including polishing faucets, fixtures, appliance handles and exteriors, countertops, sinks and flooring
  • Dry dusting, mopping and vacuuming flooring surfaces such as tile and stone flooring, linoleum, hardwood flooring, rugs and carpet
  • Much, much more

When you hire Mr. Maid, you can relax and watch as we clean or leave your home to enjoy town while we clean. We understand the level of care, commitment and pride that goes into your home, so we always treat it like our own. Plus, because our home cleaning service is registered, insured and licensed, you’ll have total peace of mind every time we clean. Remember, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Why Hire a Wexford, PA, House Cleaning Service?

When you live in an exciting, attractive suburb of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, you want your home to be as high-quality and worthy of pride as the town that surrounds it, and that requires a significant amount of cleaning and maintenance. As a matter of fact, American adults spend an average of 13 weekly hours cleaning. That adds up to 28 days or 676 hours per year.

When you’re not working to provide for your family and lifestyle, wouldn’t you rather relax, go out on the town or spend some quality time with friends and family? As the most high-quality cleaning service in Wexford, PA, Mr. Maid provides you with peace of mind, spare time and the cleanest quality for your high-class home. In addition, we offer you:

1. Professional Expertise

You might think cleaning is a task anyone is up to, but just like you’re an expert in your own field, no one knows cleaning or can perform the job better than we can. With our strong supply of expertise and experience as the top Wexford house cleaning service since 2004, Mr. Maid makes sure your house receives the most thorough scouring and sanitizing possible. Our in-depth methods, materials, techniques and knowledge guarantee it. We pay special attention to specific details and specialized tasks, such as:

  • The best cleaning chemicals: We make it our business to perform thorough research to select the safest, most thorough cleaning chemicals to treat your home and provide a deep clean.
  • Order of operations: You know you need to clean the floors, the walls, the kitchen and the bathrooms, but do you know where to start and how to clean for the best quality? The way you clean makes a big difference, and luckily, a qualified cleaning service like Mr. Maid knows the order of operations and the tips, tricks and techniques to do every job thoroughly and properly.
  • How to treat specialized areas: Whether you need to target those tough food spots, carpet stains, dirty upholstery, difficult-to-reach corners or other unique areas, Mr. Maid brings thorough knowledge and expert techniques to cleaning every area of your home.

Hiring the best house cleaning service in Wexford, PA, is about more than paying for proper cleaning — it’s also about investing in expert knowledge and professional techniques.

2. Attention to Health Risks

You may think spot-cleaning your house every now and then is enough to keep it looking and feeling its best, but you may not be considering the implications of the germs that collect on every surface and in every area without in-depth sanitation. Bacteria and germs breed everywhere, and staying on top of their elimination makes all the difference to your health and quality of life. That means cleaning your house isn’t just convenient — it’s crucial to your and your family’s health.

As the most qualified maid service in Wexford, PA, Mr. Maid makes it a mission to tackle specialized sanitation tasks, such as:

  • Disinfecting dirty areas like toilets instead of just wiping them down
  • Ridding your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of breeding bacteria and viruses
  • Properly applying cleaning chemicals to kill germs
  • Knowing the right materials and lengths of time to apply chemicals
  • Remembering safety and proper techniques for using cleaning supplies
  • Getting rid of dust in your carpets, upholstery and other areas to provide you with cleaner, healthier air

With an expert house cleaning service like Mr. Maid, you can count on your home’s cleanliness and your family’s health.

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Making the most of your Wexford lifestyle means making time to enjoy the area, spending time with your family and taking pride in your home. With Mr. Maid’s Wexford house cleaning services, all that becomes possible. If you’re interested in our expert regularly scheduled cleaning, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll visit your home or office, take a tour and provide you with a customized plan that addresses your specific needs.

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