$500 Essay Scholarship

We are excited to be offering our annual $500 scholarship to all participating colleges.

Who is eligible?

The Mr. Maid residential and Commercial Cleaning Scholarship is offered to all students who are currently enrolled in a college located in the United States. The scholarship is open to all areas of study but the student must apply for the scholarship before the deadline to be eligible to win. Only one essay per student.

How to apply?

Write your essay with 500 – 700 words on one of the following questions:

What is something you’ve done in the past that made a positive difference in your community?
How will your college education contribute to your family, your community, and society?
What do you believe your generation will be remembered for that generally improved life globally?
How do you exhibit leadership in your daily activities?
Why did you choose your area of study?

Please write your full name, the name of your school, your phone number, and the question you selected to address at the top of your essay. Your essay is expected to be written at a college level and must be your own creative work. The correct usage of spelling, grammar and punctuation are required. Essays with mistakes will lose value and will be less likely to win. You must cite at least one verifiable online source in your essay but no more than two sources and no quoted source is to be longer than two sentences. Your essay should reflect your own unique goals, creative thoughts and ideas, and life experiences.

Save your essay as a Microsoft word document, attach it to the form below, and submit the completed form to us before midnight (EST) on or before the day of the deadline.


One scholarship will be awarded each year to the selected winner. The money awarded is to be applied to the following semester. Your submission must be received by midnight(EST) to be eligible.

Submission Deadline – January 1st

Announcement of Winner will be no later than February 15th

Rules and Regulations

We’ll award the scholarship on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. Each scholarship is for a one-time use and can’t be renewed. Students can apply one time after registering for any semester. Students will be required to provide proof of enrollment before the scholarship will be awarded. We’ll notify the winner by a phone call and by emailing them through the email address they supplied on the form they used to submit their essay. Payment will be made directly to the college and must be used for tuition purposes only and includes and reading material needed for classes. The award can’t be transferred to any other individual. The student’s college must be located in the USA.

Mr. Maid Residential And Commercial Cleaning reserves the right to post any submitted essays, in whole or in part, on our company website, blog, social platforms or any other marketing materials, regardless of it being the winning entry.

Winners will have the option of having their photo posted on our website and other social media platforms for public viewing as the company desires. We think this is a significant opportunity that goes way beyond the financial incentive that our company provides. What better way to showcase your writing skills than to have your photo prominently displayed publically for the whole world to see when you’re announced as our annual scholarship winner in our written essay contest? While we can’t make any promises, imagine what this might do for your career if you’re selected as one of our annual winners!

Why are we offering this scholarship?

Mr. Maid Residential And Commercial Cleaning believe responsible businesses look for ways to help others. We believe in the importance of continued learning through college education and wish to see every student succeed. Our hope is that we’re able to help someone defer some of the cost of their educational expenses. The personal satisfaction we get by helping students is a privilege for us.

We look forward to reading your essay. Submit your essay after you’ve enrolled for classes for your chance to win!

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