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Pittsburgh House Cleaning Services

Your home is your refuge — it's the place you return to after a long workday to sit down to a meal, spend time with your family, rest, relax and recuperate. Whether you're entertaining guests, enjoying alone time, cooking or connecting with your family, you should be comfortable and content when you spend time in your house — and proud to call it yours.

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If you’re like most of us, you want your house to be well-kept, clean and worthy of your pride, but you don’t necessarily have the free time it takes to perform the house cleaning, sanitation and straightening up you’d like. With Mr. Maid’s Pittsburgh, PA, professional house cleaning services, you can have the clean home you dream of and the free time you need.

With our regularly scheduled cleaning services, we target every corner of your home with care and conviction, leaving it in an optimum condition that looks and feels fresh and fantastic.

Choosing Mr. Maid for Your Pittsburgh House Cleaning Needs

When it comes to cleaning your home, we make every effort to scour, sanitize and satisfy in as thorough a manner as possible. Our cleaning services aren’t just about picking up and keeping everything dirt- and germ-free — they’re also about making you comfortable.

We center our house cleaning service on earning your trust and providing the highest quality services in Pittsburgh, PA. That’s why we send the same technician to your home every time. This strategy allows for both consistency and the opportunity to improve as our professional becomes familiar with your home and preferences.

Reliable Services

For more than 13 years, Mr. Maid has been committed to bringing excellence and integrity to each Pittsburgh home cleaning task, and we take cleaning seriously. We strive to ensure that the services you receive from us are the highest caliber of quality and satisfaction. Quality cleanings about more than just cleanliness; when your home or business looks its best, your guests take notice and appreciate it.
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  • We Are Bonded and Insured

No hassle insurance on our staff and your property – each and every job

  • Certified Professional Cleaners

Trained and certified staff that will leave each job better than the last

Why We Clean

Who We Are

At Mr. Maid, we understand that cleaning your home or business isn’t your top priority in your busy schedule. Let us take care of it! Having a fresh, clean home or office can improve your physical and emotional well-being; that’s why we offer full-service home, commercial, and office cleaning for Pittsburgh residents and business owners.

A Quality Clean Guaranteed

We’re committed to your satisfaction. With our Name Your Own Price Guarantee, each and every visit will leave your home to your satisfaction and results you’re happy with.

Respecting Your Home

Our staff goes above and beyond to respect your property. Have pets around while we’ll be there? No problem. You’re inviting us into your home, so we treat it like it’s our own.

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