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We are different than other cleaning companies in our industry; we are very good at what we do. To prove we are serious about our claim, we give a guarantee like no other in our industry. We coined our “Name Your Own Price Guarantee.” Getting the most of our services is easy; we always ensure client satisfaction at an affordable price. We will even send the same cleaner each time to ease your mind so you don’t have to focus on who is in your home or business.

If you want to learn more about how our guarantee works, give us a call us and we’ll schedule an in-home consultation where we will discover your exact home cleaning needs.


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People often ask me with an astonished look on their face why I quit my career in the technology field and started cleaning for a living. Why Pittsburgh? Why start another professional cleaning company in an industry well represented?

The answer is easy because Mr. Maid does it better.

Dusting from the Start

Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a city that once, unfortunately, held the name of the “dirty steel town” all across our great nation; I remember as a child seeing the dirty Fort Pitt tunnels with soot practically dripping from the once white walls. I remember seeing the sooty air from the great steel mills in our town that supplied over half the steel our country used at that time. I swear some of the dirt from back then can still be found sticking to building walls as if to say,”I belong here! I am part of the tradition.”

Maybe that is why I decided to start a cleaning business, or maybe, I am a bit odd because I love to clean things. I get a deep-rooted sense of well-being after cleaning around our home; so why fight it? That’s why I started a cleaning company.

I refer to this as my a-ha moment. It came when I grew tired of my existing career at age 50. I can clearly remember the day I was searching online for some inspiration for my next venture to support my wife and two children. I knew I needed to get out from behind the desk, have something that I could grow until my heart’s content, something that I had a great deal of control over, and above all it had to be something that people would need and value. The a-ha moment came when I connected the dust on my desk to a cleaning business when on the internet that day. I knew that dust and dirt were going to be around for quite a long time and even when removed would somehow find its way back again. I have never looked back from that moment. Each day is a journey of excitement and passion.

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